As an IT technician for the past decade I’ve picked up countless skills, both tangible and intangible. I have experience all around the IT industry, from networking to system administration and soft skills to moderate programming.

Most of my experience comes from end-user support and self teaching. From this experience I’ve learned how to configure and maintain both Linux and Windows servers on a daily basis. Most of the end-user support comes from my background of outsourced IT for small to medium size companies. With this background, I’ve gained knowledge on Windows servers and various Windows services such as Active Directory, DHCP, DNS and Exchange.

Along with outsourced end-user support, I’ve gained experience from supporting clients for various web sites developed by companies that I’ve worked for. These clients require reliable support for site functionality and accessibility and other special requirements. Many of the projects that I have supported utilize open source solutions with Linux and different content management systems, mainly Drupal and WordPress. I’ve assisted in deploying projects to both physical and virtual environments depending on the client’s needs.

Depending on the needs and size of the client, I’ve assisted in the deployment for many different and unique projects. These include dedicated physical environments for clients that require them to virtual environments using Rackspace, Digital Ocean, Liquid Web and Amazon Web Services (AWS). With AWS, I am also familiar with deploying EC2 instances and managing Route 53 DNS entries through AWS.

I am also proficient in Cisco CLI programming and firewall maintenance. I regularly maintain Cisco devices through the CLI and using IOS to provide support and debugging issues starting at a networking level.

I am CompTIA A+, Cloud+, Cloud Essentials+, Security+ and CySA+ certified and have experience working on Windows, Linux and OS X operating systems. If you would like to learn more, send me a message!